Lagado Consulting, Ltd. Co. is a Texas based company founded in 1999.  The focus of the company is to provide technology solutions to business problems using object oriented technologies and methodologies.  The end goal of our solutions is to assist our clients in saving money by using technology to do their job faster, better and with fewer errors.

In 2007 we formed a second practice to provide educational consulting. This practice focuses on assisting school districts in growing their capacity as learning organizations through translating current research into effective practice.


We work with clients in a variety of industries.  We provide technical knowledge and leadership to our clients to help them succeed in designing, developing and implementing web-based, enterprise systems using Java technologies.

our name

The name Lagado comes from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift.

In his travels Gulliver visits many places and sees many things. In one of the lands he visits people are using some new "scientific" ways of doing things with disastrous results. New buildings that are not supposed to require maintenance are quickly falling into disrepair and collapsing. Laborers are using tools that are ill-suited for their tasks. And renowned doctors are using techniques that often result in the death of their patients. The former Governor, the last man of note who is using the old ways, is being pressured to tear down his beautiful house and rebuild in the new manner.

The founders chose the name to remind our consultants that they are there to assist you in solving your problems. Whether it is using the latest technology or something that is old and out of style. We won't ask you to tear down the Governor's house just so we can add the latest technology to our resumes.