information technology

Our technology practice focuses on building solutions utilizing object oriented and Java technologies.

We can provide a range of technology solutions, whether you need a custom solution built and delivered, mentoring or supplemental staffing.

  • If your company doesn't have the staff, we can provide a team to build a complete solution to your business problem.

  • If your company has some staff who are new to web development, we can provide a system architect, lead or senior developer to help mentor your staff and build a solution for you.

  • If your company has too much work for the available staff our senior consultants can step in to help get your project back on schedule or provide the extra manpower to develop a needed project that wouldn't be done otherwise.

Our consultants have experience with the full development cycle from project inception through implementation and maintenance, and with many different development methodologies from SDLC to Agile/Scrum.  They have the ability to step into your environment and to become productive with minimal effort.